DeutschMann® Rallye Trebišov by the eyes of its organizers

Three weeks before the start of the premiere of the DeutschMann® Rallye Trebišov, we interviewed the manager of DeutschMann Internationale Spedition, s.r.o. and the chairman of the Košice Auto Club by the questions about the preparation of this competition and the program itself.

How begun the idea to organize and support the rally in Trebišov?
Miriam Poništová, Executive Manager of DeutschMann Internationale Spedition, s.r.o .:
For many years, our company has supported various activities in the area of ​​social, cultural, environmental and other socio-economically important and beneficial areas. We are local patriot and therefore all our activities are directed to Trebišov. For many years, our company also supports Igor Drotar, a famous Slovak driver. When we got acquainted with the rally competitions, we saw the audience's interest and high level of sport, the idea came to us, and the rally was also brought to Trebišov. Igor Drotár also contacted us with organizers from the Auto Club Košice, with whom we agreed to jointly organize the premiere year of the DeutschMann® Rally Trebišov.

What was the offer for organizing the rally in Trebišov and how are you looking forward to it?
Peter Szczeczina, Chairman of the Košice Auto Club:
Our club in its present form has been organizing the rally since 1994, but the first competition of our autoclub was held in 1971. We organized the rally mainly in our city  Košice as well as throughout Slovakia. Each competition is a benefit to us because it always learns. We are very happy to organize rally in places where they have not yet taken place. For example, this year in Medzilaborce. It is exciting to bring this sport to unrecognized areas, to get to know new people, to build new contacts and friendships. When organizing a rally at the level of the Slovak Championship, the basic question is to ensure sufficient funding and seriousness of the partner. We found a partner in DeutschMann®. During the preparation itself, we also found in target company the exact fulfillment of the agreed tasks and the responsibility. This is the basis for a successful rally. And how do I enjoy the DeutschMann® Rally Trebišov? I always think of a new rally as a newborn baby and so I look forward to it. I believe that in this case it will not only be birth, but we will be able to see even in its next steps. There is a premise that a rally rally will grow.

How is the rally being prepared, at what stage are the permits, how is the track?
Peter Szczeczina: We set out the basic program of the DeutschMann® Rally Trebišov so that we need to prepare something new and unprecedented for Trebišov and the surroundings, at a high sport and social level. That is why we first thought of a big concert, a festive performance of the crew and the city circuit. Unfortunately, our attempt to organize a city circuit did not met the understanding of Trebišov city. Pity, because we found a nice and safe circuit with good viewing spots. When you are working on something new, it is not always accepted with understanding.
A special chapter was to select speed tests to meet the needs of the rally included in the Slovak Championships. I think the selected speed tests are challenging. They will take place on narrow forest roads on high quality asphalt. A minor problem was the 2-km section of one speed test, but with DeutschMann®'s understanding it will be repaired at the start of the rally and will be suitable for the rally. We found excellent conditions in Trebišov for the headquarters, service and parking.

What will the concurrent program including for the competition?
Miriam Poništová: As I said, our goal is to prepare for the inhabitants of Trebišov and its surroundings, as well as rally spectators from all over Slovakia, an event that will be remembered for a long time. In organizing, we have separate tasks with the Auto Club, so that the sport part of the rally is provided by the club and the accompanying program before and after the ceremonial start is ensured by our company in cooperation with Reklama4you. The top of the cultural program will be IMT Smile concert and their guests on Friday 01.09.2017 from 20:00. The concert will precede the ceremonial start of the rally from 18:30. Everything is done at Boleslav Roman's Place and part of M.R. Štefánika in Trebišov. All friends of the rally, as well as good music, we invite to this part of the rally.

Will you also watch the running results of the rally itself?
Miriam Poništová: Of course, I know that the fight for Slovakian absolute title, but also for the titles in groups and classes, is open, so I expect a great sport fight to be followed. I also plan to visit a viewing venue to know the atmosphere of the rally in the immediate vicinity. I'm very excited.